Blog Post #1: Intro

Hi! My name is Tyler Snelgrove. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I currently live in Murray, Utah which is a suburb of SLC. I live with my wife, 4-year-old daughter and newborn son. Life is pretty hectic right now as we try to adjust our lives to the newborn but we are slowly getting there…. I hope.

I currently work a non-IT job. I work for the DOD as a Personnel and Pay Admin which is kind of like HR. I hope to get into the tech world soon through the cybersecurity sector. I’m not opposed to also getting into software development as that has been pretty interesting. I figured I’ll apply to both and whichever offers me a job first, that is what I’ll do.

So far, my favorite listed projects are the AI Coder and the Website Security Research Project. AI Coder seems pretty interesting. It seems like AI is going to be a great tool in the real world and getting practice on how to use it would definitely help now and in the future. The Website Security Research Project also sounds fun. I don’t have much experience in trying to “hack” things but a good time to learn is now I guess.

My first degree is from the University of Utah (I miss the PAC 12 already😥) in Economics. The jobs I have had post-graduation have been fine but they weren’t really taking me where I wanted to be. I have a good friend who majored in CS at the U of U and has loved every job he has ever had. I have always been jealous of the work he does and his work environment. I thought all hope for me was lost in getting into his line of work as I already had a degree. Then, I stumbled on the OSU post-bacc CS subreddit right before Covid (yes it has taken me forever to finish) and decided to take the plunge. It’s been a rewarding journey but my family and I are glad it is almost over.

I have a wife, kids, school, and a job so I don’t have much time for hobbies anymore. I love watching college football, soccer, and basketball. I cheer for all the local teams (besides BYU😂 ) so my heart is broken often. I look forward to this class and the challenges that await.

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