Open Doors

When I started as a Financial Representative in 2014 I was proud of my Series 7 and 63. The interview process was lengthy and competitive but once brought on board we were more than adequately prepared for our licensing exams. The exhilaration of being a stock broker, unfortunately, was very short lived. “Financial Representative” meant customer service phone associate who also assists with trades. The job was extremely demanding, the pay was poor, but the career growth outlook was positive. The career growth outlook was positive that is until I discovered what it really means to be a Financial Consultant. I began to consider career alternatives but more doors were closed than open given my BBA in Finance paired with the university I had attended. It was time to open doors.

Computer Science was the degree I had considered pursuing my freshman year of college, however my 18 year old shortsighted thinking and frankly utter lack of self confidence led me to pursue a less strenuous path. Starring down the barrel of what life for the average finance major was like I decided to take the Fundamentals of Programming I (C++) and II (Java) at a local college after work. I soon realized that not only did I enjoy programming but I was better at it than I ever would have expected. My mind made up, I applied to OSU’s post bacc program and was quickly rejected. I then retook Precalculus and Calculus as I thought it may be useful to brush up on my math skills as a true adult, was rejected once more by OSU and then finally accepted.

Fast forward fours years. I had stayed with my current employer while attending OSU in order to support my wife and two babies. I am in the Comp Sci Capstone course with a single elective remaining and a 3.98 GPA (4.0 if you include the 92 I received in Discrete Math). As I begin to survey the job market (even despite a looming recession) I am quite hopeful. A plethora of doors that were closed to me are now open. Recruiters are beginning to take notice. I can see a career I enjoy with a starting salary 50% higher than my current. To quote Matthew Mcconaughey, “Green light”.

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