Q: When do you think is the best time to control slugs in the PNW?

A: Fall seedling establishment is problematic because of slug pressure. The highest above ground populations occur in October and November. After rains begin in the fall, adult slugs rise from below the ground and begin feeding at the surface. The window of opportunity for baiting is tight. Target the adults in the fall before they lay eggs and before it is too cold or too wet to enter field. Weather conditions affect the efficacy of bait and activity levels. If you can’t get into the field in the fall, then treat early in the spring. Remember, that young neonates are hard to kill as they don’t feed much on baits. Bait early before egg laying and just before seedlings emerges. In some cases, it may be best to bait slugs before working the soil, particularly if the site has a history of problems.

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