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Why was Pokemon Go so popular? What was so appealing about the game play that millions of people downloaded the app over night? Some how the new spin on the Pokemon franchise was enough to get people walking everywhere for a whole summer. But at the same time, the game flared and burned out in August of the same summer it was released. Other hugely popular phone games such as Clash Royale slowly build momentum and have much more stamina in the long run. Fortnite is a console game, but had the same meme level of popularity as Pokemon Go. The difference for Fortnite and the reason it is still so prevalent was the celebrities it created and its impact on its audience. Fortnite was very successful with younger video game players, and they still enjoy it.

Pokemon Go attracted lots of young and middle aged adults. Possibly people that played the video game on Gameboys and appreciated the nostalgia of the new app. Adults are now the primary users of the game. The average user of Pokemon Go now does not have the same impact on social media as Fornite and there is no demand for Pokemon Go streaming, like there is in other games. Streaming helps games remain successful and gain players. Pokemon Go gameplay is more based on long term work, and maybe the level of patience and dedication needed to progress, hurt the game in the long run.

find that the game makes a come back every once in a while however. The creators are good at releasing new updates, and even more Pokemon from the original universe that rekindle interest in the game. My own Pokemon Go usage comes in waves. I started playing the game in July of 2016, and lasted much longer than most, I deleted the app for the first time in December 2016. I re-downloaded the game for a month or so in December 2017, and I re-re-downloaded the app today. The new trading system, friend capabilities, and more Pokemon, were huge draws for me.

There is a very serious fan base still active on the game, and I was surprised by the community aspect of the game. I went out on “Raid Battles,” where a group of people within proximity to a “gym” can battle an extremely high level legendary Pokemon for XP and a chance to catch it, with a group of friends today. The first gym we went to already had 10+ adults battling the Pokemon. The next gym we went to was a bit more remote, but 3 adults still showed up and were happy to battle with us. We chatted about the game and then went our separate ways.

was happy with how the most recent edition is more interactive. There is a big focus on trading with friends and working together. I will enjoy playing the game for a little while longer. It is also nice being on a college campus where the campus wifi will support me playing in different locations. Whenever a big Pokemon is spotted or a good raid battle starts there will be a crowd of people there to work together and catch or defeat it. The premise of the game is unique and in my opinion innovative so hopefully it will continue to be improved and please its fan base.

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