Graduate Students

Sophia Bauer, M.S. student Water Resources Science, B.S. California State University, Chico (2016).

Elisa Di Meglio, M.S. student Botany, B.S. Oregon State University (2012). Elisa is co-advised by Bruce McCune (Professor in Botany).


Kali Melby, M.S. student Geology, B.S. University of Wisconsin, River Falls (2017). Former REU intern summer 2016.


Beth Rutila, M.S. student Water Resources Science, B.S. University of Vermont (2013).


Sophia Wensman, Ph.D. student OEAS (Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry), B.S. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2015). Check out Sophie’s blog at



Undergraduate students

Mia Arvizu, Research intern beginning winter 2018 & URSA Engage Awardee 2018, B.S. student in Environmental Science, OSU.

Callie Covington, Research intern beginning fall 2017 & URSA Engage Awardee 2018, B.S. student in Environmental Science, OSU.


Gillette Field, Research intern beginning winter 2018, B.S. student in BioResource Research, OSU.

Hannah Shupe, Research intern beginning spring 2018, B.S. student in Chemistry, OSU.

Lab Technicians

Christina Murphy, research intern fall 2016, B.S. Environmental Science, Oregon State University (2016). Since graduating Christina has transitioned to a lab technician position in the group.



Former Students


Brooke Mattson, REU summer intern summer 2017, B.S. student in Geology, Hope College.


Anna Miller, REU summer intern summer 2017, B.S. student in Environmental Studies—Chemistry, Reed College.


Devan FitzpatrickREU intern summer 2015 and 2016, B.S. student in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science, Oregon State University.


Emily HetmanREU intern summer 2015, B.S. Toxicology and Forensic Biology, Ashland University (2016).



Lab Group 

Winter 2017, left to right: Callie Covington (B.S. student), Sophia Wensman (Ph.D student), Beth Rutila (M.S. student), Kali Melby (M.S. student), Christina Murphy (Lab Technician), and Elisa Di Meglio (M.S. student).

Summer 2017, left to right: Brooke Mattson (REU student, Hope College), Anna Miller (REU student, Reed College), Alyssa Shiel (Professor), Kali Melby (M.S. student), Elisa Di Meglio (M.S. student), Sophie Wensman (Ph.D. student), and Beth Rutila (M.S. student).


Summer 2016, left to right: Beth Rutila (M.S. student), Devan Fitzpatrick (REU student, OSU), and Kali Melby (REU student, University of Wisconsin, River Falls).


Lab group summer 2015, left to right: Emily Hetman (REU student, Ashland University), Beth Rutila (M.S. student), Alyssa Shiel, and Devan Fitzpatrick (REU student, OSU).

Photo taken at Champion Lakes Provincial Park in British Columbia (July 2015).


Dr. Shiel and her students work in the Keck Collaboratory in CEOAS at OSU. Learn more about that facility, the instrumentation it houses, and some of the exciting geochemical research being done by other groups at

Students, faculty and staff associated with  the Keck Collaboratory. 

Photo taken outside of Burt Hall, OSU (December 2015).

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