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Spoon & Tamago: Japanese Art, Design and Culture 

Spoon and Tamago is a blog that is written and founded by artist and writer Johnny Waldman.  Johnny grew up in Japan and often visits Tokyo to this day.  He also has a twitter where she often posts updated news on Japanese design and art with links to where you can read more about these design shows or competitions of designers in Japan.

This blog is filled with fourteen years of blog posts all about Japan and the designs that come out of it.  This blog is filled with youtube videos, articles, galleries, and much much more all about Japanese design and art.  This blog is also helpful in translating some articles that are in Japanese to English so that non-japanese speaking people can learn about the Japanese design world.  The co-founder of the blog is named Tomomi, and another contributor to the blog’s name is Masaki who also grew up in Japan and often visits Japan even though she lives in NY currently.  With the three blog contributors you really get a variety of information on Japanese design and art and different takes on what’s going on with the trends or customs.

Waldman, Johnny. “The 2021 Japan Packaging Design Awards” Blog Post.* Spoon & Tamago. Bento Graphics, September 14, 2020. Web. February 12, 2021.
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