Starting Capstone

We have finally started getting the ball rolling on our project. We have begun with divvying up who will work with what. There are 3 people total on the team. Another partner and I are working on the front end and the other partner is working on the back end. For the front end we decided to go with React as our framework, Bootstrap as a CSS framework, and Jest as our testing framework.

I was given the task of setting up our GitHub repo for the front end, while my other partner was given the task of setting up our task management software Jira for the team. Now something I have come to realize with using React is when you want to get things up and running easily you run ‘npx create-react-app’ and from there you are usually good to go, but if you run into issues you dig around the internet to find a solution, usually found on StackOverflow, and you find out how much this command actually does for you.

I don’t know how common knowledge this is, but I won’t butcher everything it does for you. I think this article is a pretty good explanation for what is happening. I really had no idea what a webpack was or what it did, but I am glad someone smarter than me came up with it so I can spend more time googling how to center a div, and how to setup my repo!

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