Writing Exercise 8

One thing I have found really intressting is how connected everything is. It makes sense that everything interacts with eachother but how much of the body can be affected by the gut microbiome and how it can be so different between people but everyone has the same basic way of breaking down food. How can something be so similar and so different at the same time. Also something I have found extra interesting is how certain microbes can be such an indicator for certain diseases. Like the presence of something can have really serious symptoms and can domino into so many other problems. It is surprising to me that more doctors and health professionals are not educated on things like microbiology and how much the body can be changed by what is inside of it or what makes it up. So really I have found the general interaction between microbes and disease to be the most interesting

presence of something can have really serious symptoms and can domino into so many other problems. this is intresting to me because this is what disease or at least most disease. A small change or mutation in something that causes systems to not work properly and when that system doesnt work right it affects so many other things. Cancer comes to mind in how one cell or a few cells can than have an impact of the whole body and the whole system. One microbe or virus can have such a large effect and also I wonder how many things go wrong that our bodies do actually fix. There are so many mechanisms in place to protect each system yet one small things can cause such a big problem. And not always the same problem in all people.

I think I could write about something that is been shown to cause cancer like maybe something in food or something that many people consume. While not everyone who eats or is exposed to it develops a cancer, but how it connects to the microbiome is a person and someone with a certain microbial makeup are pre-dispositioned. Im not sure what specifically this would look like but I am sure there is research on exposure and cancer diagnoses is connected to what microbes are present in someone.

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