Writing Exercise 7

List and describe potential factors that the mother or the infant could be exposed to that could influence the colonization of the microbial community in the newborn infant (in positive or negative ways).

antibiotics- if taken in utero can have an effect on what bacteria is present during development of an infant, most likely negative

vitamins- pre-natal vitamins could supply mom and fetus with key nutrients to encourage a healthy and well rounded microbial community, positive

breast feeding vs formula feeding- type of feeding can influences the microbiome of the infant and effect what microbes are present, as well as immune factors, could be negative or positive or even neutral

diet of mother- the diet of the mom influences her microbial communities as well as babies, with a balanced diet it is more likely that baby and mom will create an environment for healthy microbiota, could be positive or negative

genetics- the genetics of the mother can play a huge role in microbial communities of the baby and also determines what microbial communities are in the mother as well which the baby is developing and growing in and around, could be positive or negative

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