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We just can’t get enough of the Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slide Collection this summer … So we’re planning to release a set every week. Yes, I know, sun and a weekly release is almost too much!

Since summer is finally heating up in Oregon, and not to be outdone by the last “take a trip” set from Palestine & Syria, this week we’re heading to Argentina.

Views from the harbor and from the city, scenes from the streets and from the gardens, this set is full of beautiful historic images from Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Chaco, Mar del Plato, and La Plata.

It showcases the city, rich with history and chock full of monuments!

Want to travel to the Plaza Lavalle to see the Lavelle Monument and Colon Theatre, stroll down the Avenida de Mayo, catch a streetcar on the Paseo Colon? Care to catch a play in the open air theater for children? Horses at the Hippodrome? And did we mention the monuments, cathedrals, and capital buildings?

Don’t worry, there are hotels and subway train station shots for those who like to plan!

So pack your bags and join us for the trip — and make sure you stick around to see the cowboys … (Seriously, there are pictures of cowboys.)


Happy Summer!

In the beginning of the month we released a fabulous set of images from Yaquina Bay on the Oregon Coast — and now we’re ready to jump on one of the vessels and set sail for the summer.

We’re traveling again this year, taking another trip with the Visual Instruction Lantern Slides Collection, but this year we are really stretching our legs. From Palestine & Syria to Buenos Aires & Argentina, all the way through Australia, Japan, Denmark, and Ireland, these slides from the early 20th century are sure to delight everyone from the armchair tourist to the most seasoned traveler.

Far from the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, in the first set we’re traveling to the Middle East and exploring the Holy Lands

Sacred sites, gorgeous monuments, and amazing terrain — glance back in time with these shots, do your own research to see how things have changed, and then share what you find with us!

This set also came with a wonderfully informative lecture booklet, so take a little time to read the image descriptions for a historic narrative to go with the images.

Get out & take a walk …

Rumor has it that graduation weekend will be full of some much needed sun. And what better way to celebrate the grads and the sunshining sun than with a nice long walk! Check out Beaver Tracks, a Historical Locations & Walking Tour created by OSU Libraries and Archives.

And while you are out and about, head downtown for the “Walking Tour of Selected Historic Sites and Structures in Downtown Corvallis.” Want to know more about downtown? Check out the “Corvallis, Oregon 1811 – 1945 : Historic Context” and the “Inventory of Historic Sites & Structures.”

Conservation and natural beauty … we say that a lot

Most of the time we’re referring to images in our collections relating to forestry, but there is a lot more to Oregon State University’s proud tradition of studying, protecting, and enriching the environment than trees. Yaquina Bay, where the Yaquina River meets the Pacific Ocean, is one of Oregon’s richest sites of oceanic study.

While only a portion of the Bay is located in Newport, Oregon, this collection of images has some great shots of Newport and the surrounding area. The Yaquina Research Vessel, a 180 foot ship commissioned by the OSU Department of Oceanography in 1964, and OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center also appear in several images, providing some context for some of OSU’s oceanic research occurring during this period.

We hope that you enjoy your trip to the coast!