Why adidas Has Mastered the Art of Online Brand Management

Since I joined adidas four yeas ago, I decided to start tracking some common keywords as it relates to it’s brand. By setting up the following keywords in Google Alerts, it help me monitor the brand activities. I set up alerts for the following keywords and the reason why:

  • adidas sucks – to track any new product that is tracking with the words “suck” in it.  This is a brand killer.
  • adidas lost – if adidas lost an influencer, athlete, teams, or sponsorship.
  • adidas results – monitor for feedback on quarterly results.
  • adidas cheap – ho is selling products at discounted prices, this is a negative impact on the brand as consumers equates cheap/low price product to bad quality.
  • Other that come to mind, specially now days
    • adidas sustainability – adidas is one of the most sustainable companies in the industry, specially with it’s partnership with Parley. 
    • adidas recycled – adidas is launching a 100% recycle running shoe that can be recycles every 3 months or so, over, and over, and over…amazing.

The keywords above have exposed me to amazing positive news regarding adidas, as well as not so great news or information regarding the brand.

As an example, the sustainability and recycle stories are amazing, on the flip side stories about low product quality and negative financial results, which could lead to people loosing their jobs is always hard to hear.

Regardless, i appreciate the brand’s tonality and ability to be open with their informational and organizational branding and how they have mastered it over the years. After all they have been doing this for over 70+ years.

Below is a great video on adidas ambition to replace all polyester with recycle materials by 2024. This is an example of a great positive story.

On the flip side the article and video below regarding the now infamous ‘shackle’ shoes shows when a horrible idea becomes a negative press for the brand, it’s an older post but still relevant.

Above you see how a balance of positive and negative information can influencing a brand. The tale tale sing that a company has a handle on their brand image and brand marketing is when you see an organization that can capitalize on positive news/information, and how quickly and effectively they respond to customer’s backlash when things go south.

There is tons to be learned by adidas ORM tactics and strategy.


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Solomon, Jesse. “Adidas Cancels ‘Shackle’ Shoes after Outcry.” CNN, Cable News Network, 20 June 2012, https://www.cnn.com/2012/06/18/us/adidas-shackle-shoes/index.html.

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