Goonies sequel

Going off from the lecture, and assignment we had on the Goonies, I have looked further into a possible sequel. This video I think helps to clarify that the sequel is in the making.┬áSteven Spielberg is apparently the one who came up with the idea, and also thought about taking a different story line. The director Richard Donner said they can’t do it without Steven. After moments of teasing the audience though, he admits that they will get this done. A sequel after 30 years will finally come to the goonies long time fans.

I was thinking about my topic from religion and science in terms of tribes more in depth. A few weeks ago I went to a young life group meeting where our coordinator Chris, said that next week we would have a guest that was going to come in and talk in depth philosophically about religion, intelligent design, and science. He said it might be interesting for anyone who is curious about how these two teachings exist together. Then I thought that a possible tribe would be people who are in a way philosophical. Those who have deep questions about things in life. I don’t think my topic just applies to those who are scientific, or religious, but to anyone who just likes to debate, or philosophical talks. I thought this video was a good way to look at these two teachings from a philosophical point of view.