Embracing the Journey: From Computer Engineering to Software Development

As I embark on the journey of finding an internship or entry-level position in the tech industry, I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills gained from my studies in computer engineering. Prior to enrolling at OSU, I delved into object-oriented languages like Java and C, honing my skills in program and device development through various projects at different companies. The decision to pursue distance learning at OSU was fueled by my passion for staying abreast of the dynamic landscape of information technology.

Throughout my time at OSU, I have found immense joy in the process of acquiring new knowledge, particularly in the realm of computer networks and security. This fascination has propelled my desire to secure a position in this field, leading me to actively seek opportunities, such as the recent job interview with a computer security company in Medford. Though nerve-wracking at first, I found confidence in my preparation and the foundational knowledge I’ve gained from my college studies.

Looking ahead, my sights are set on transitioning into software engineering, a field I’ve been drawn to throughout my academic journey. Courses like CS461, CS462 and CS463 have equipped me with invaluable insights into software development processes, team collaboration, and project management. These skills, I believe, will play a pivotal role in my future endeavors, both in the workplace and beyond.

As I reflect on my experiences at OSU, I am grateful for the support and guidance of the school authorities, teachers, and peers who have been instrumental in shaping my academic and personal growth. Each challenge I’ve encountered has been met with a newfound sense of determination and pride, fueling my ambition to excel in the tech industry.

I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and eager to apply my skills and knowledge to make meaningful contributions in the field of technology.

Best regards, Vitaliy Samonov

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