Navigating the Tech Landscape: Insights into Our Project’s Technologies 

Hello everyone

As we delve deeper into our project development, I wanted to take a moment to share some insights about the technologies we’ve been using and learning along the way. Our project journey has been an exciting blend of challenges and discoveries, and the technologies we’ve explored have played a pivotal role in shaping our progress.

First and foremost, I must express my appreciation for the integration of GitHub, Trello, and Microsoft Teams into our workflow. Transitioning from individual work to collaborative development has been a significant learning curve, but the implementation of a Continuous Integration (CI) workflow has streamlined our processes and enhanced team cohesion. Through GitHub’s robust version control system, we’ve been able to manage our codebase effectively and ensure seamless collaboration among team members.

Screenshot of the Github project repository

Screenshot of Trello board

Screenshot of MS teams

Screenshot of Kotlin Code View

One of the key decisions we made early on was to leverage PHP for our web-based game creator. While PHP has served us well in the past, I’ve come to realize that the landscape of web development is evolving rapidly, with modern JavaScript frameworks like React.js gaining prominence. In hindsight, opting for React.js would have provided us with greater flexibility and scalability in our development efforts.

To illustrate the CI workflow and collaborative tools, we can include screenshots of our GitHub repository, Trello board, and Microsoft Teams interface.

Another aspect I’ve been reflecting on is our choice of database system. Currently, we’re utilizing MySQL for data management, but I see the value in exploring alternatives such as MongoDB or Firebase. These NoSQL databases offer advantages in handling JSON data, which is integral to our game creation process. Transitioning to a more agile database system would undoubtedly enhance the efficiency and scalability of our project.

On the mobile development front, our adoption of Kotlin for Android software development has been a strategic move. Backed by Google and renowned for its versatility, Kotlin has empowered us to create engaging and dynamic mobile experiences seamlessly integrated with our web platform.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as we continue to refine our project and explore new technologies. While our journey has presented its share of challenges, each obstacle has been an opportunity for growth and learning. As we embrace the evolving landscape of technology, I’m confident that our project will continue to evolve and flourish.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts, and here’s to the continued success of our project! Best regards, Vitaliy Samonov

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