OSU’s Extension Sagebrush Habitat Team is comprised of researchers and extension faculty whose mission is to advance research and outreach programs that promote healthy sagebrush ecosystems that are more resistant and resilient and can support multiple land uses, rural communities, and wildlife populations on the landscape.

The Oregon State University Sagebrush Habitat Team was created in 2016 to fill research and extension needs associated with threats to the sagebrush steppe ecosystem and sagebrush-obligate wildlife. We have initiated and continue work to address priorities set forth by our stakeholder advisory committee. To address the complex and persistent nature of landscape scale threats facing sagebrush ecosystems and wildlife, our research and outreach needs cohesive direction and longevity.  Oure team works in general themes related to our team’s mission, including: Sagebrush Ecosystem Management, Wildlife Conservation and Management, and related Trainings and Outreach. While the team has been successful in securing funds to initiate several extension and research projects, long term research projects are essential to account for the high inter-annual variability in sagebrush ecosystems. Listed below are the team’s current projects and a brief update and description of the work. Please contact us with any comments, questions or thoughts.

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