Ross Island HAB Design Charrette

February 25th at OSU Foundation Portland Center Boardroom (Room 2002)


  • Focus the scope of OSU’s design analyses to be as useful and relevant as possible
  • Facilitate discussion of process for addressing the HAB and ecological uplift in the lagoon.


1:00-1:30 Introductions

1:30-2:00pm: Plenary session

Microbiology of HABs (Kurt Carpenter, USGS)

2:00-2:10: Coffee break

2:10-3pm: Community café

Groups rotate through tables for focused, hosted discussion on:

– Values: What we want to protect and enhance?

– Alternatives: What solutions should we prioritize and where?

– Evaluation criteria: How do we evaluate alternatives?







3:00-3:10: Coffee break

3:10-3:40: Community café hosts report back

3:40-4:00: Next steps