Typical vs. Maximal Performance

If I were a business owner I believe I would choose Jaime over Avery. This is because Jaime is consistent in their work and is someone that will have good results. In most situations having someone with good work and solid results is important. It is good to have someone that you know will be consistent because then setting expectations or predicting the progress of tasks is much easier. On the other hand, Avery is a good candidate though because they are the best at what they do. It is much harder to work around someone that can be inconsistent or performance that is less than what is needed. 

A role where Avery may be more valuable than Jaime is a job that is high-stress or has specific problem-solving needs. One example of a job like this is an intelligence analyst. This is a job that deals with a large amount of data that has to be analyzed to understand and neutralize threats. It is something that takes a specific type of person who works well under pressure and is really good at what they do. Avery has the potential to perform well above others, and so this is a job that needs someone like that. 

A role that Jaime would be good in is a customer service or customer facing position. These types of jobs really need someone consistent and can be reliable in their performance. There are times when it can become stressful, but that is something other co workers or managers can help with. In a position like this Avery would not succeed because of being a procrastinator. These types of jobs need someone reliable rather than someone who is inconsistent.

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