What Is This?

This is a cooking blog.

It is dedicated to teaching the love of cooking, and the ability of supporting one’s self through it, on a college budget.

Here, you will find tons of recipes, helpful descriptions of spices and seasonings, and tips on how to never be a classic ramen college student.

Why A Cooking Blog?

A desire to bring this to you readers comes from personal experience coming into college life without the skills I wish I had, thinking it was all too hard, too much time, or too expensive.

Another level of quality of life is found in good food, so I hope to show you how easy it really is to develop this skill, and how great the benefits of it are.

What’s The Goal?

My humble goal for this blog is to keep you updated weekly with new and interesting content, always keeping relevant to the full-time college early adult.

This will not be your typical food blog. I am not a professional photographer OR culinary expert. My food is not a masterpiece of              A E S T H E T I C S; it tastes good, and it’s efficient.

I will show you how to do it, and then show you how you can honestly expect it to come out.

Who’s Going To Read This?

I hope to reach the people who were exactly like myself not too long ago: “broke” people on their own for the first time, never sure of how to make a decent meal, and never quite pleased with pre-made meals (Mac ‘n Cheese, canned soups and stews, oatmeal, ramen).

You can’t go out because you’re on a budget, but you don’t know how to do much from scratch besides soften a potato in a microwave. You’ll never guess what else you could do with that potato right now, and I hope to show you.

What’s Your Inspiration?

Through my expression in this blog, I seek to emulate a few of more popular food blogs out there, in aesthetics, content and delivery.

Such As:

Minimalist Baker

Home Page

101 Cookbooks


I Am A Food Blog



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