What I’ve Learned

The first step in making any change is learning about what you want to change. Essentially, education is the first step of anything. The main way I see myself using the readings of this course (and what I have continually been doing) is using them to educate others on topics at hand. I find myself in several conversations about topics such as the ones we have discussed in this class and I have been able to use course readings to share with others. On Wikipedia, I can use my new knowledge to add to articles and recognize any bias that I may have not noticed I had before. 

As for systems, I have learned that many need to be changed and restructured. There are many groups that are attempting to reconstruct these oppressive systems. If we work within these systems, we can essentially help change it from the inside. As an ally, people will be able to recognize the system they are apart of and the privilege they have and use that to help people who are not as privileged.

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