College of Business Design & Innovation Management Major

The OSU College of Business is excited to announce our new Design and Innovation Management major, stemming from the relaunch of our design programs. We restructured our design programs based on student and industry feedback, allowing students to develop a foundation in design and pursue the career choice tailored to their professional goals. The interdisciplinary design major has three options available: apparel design, interior design and design management.

The Design and Innovation Management major addresses the need for cutting-edge design with business fundamentals. It positions designers to be both creative and leaders in business, which is essential in constantly changing economic and social environments. The curriculum provides students with skills to design solutions in creative industries and beyond. Our program gives students experience with leading edge design studios and software, hands-on projects, teamwork, project management and technical skills.

“The Design & Innovation Management program will focus on innovation, technical design and strategy,” says Marilyn Read, OSU College of Business Design Program Lead. “With three options to choose from- apparel design, interior design and design management, students will be able to explore which career path is right for them before applying to pro-school; positioning them to succeed academically and professionally.”

A rapidly changing and increasingly global business landscape requires design experts who can assess and lead change. Our graduates will be adaptable design professionals capable of leading in their industry. They will be prepared to work as part of teams within a company or as successful independent consultants.

The apparel design option is now focused on athletic and outdoor apparel.  We revised the apparel design curriculum will produce students with applicable knowledge and skills for employment in apparel design and development.  The new apparel design option has a creative design component as well as courses in apparel manufacturing, product development, production and marketing.  We have very strong partnerships in the region and we expect this to continue. Oregon State University is the only Oregon state school with an apparel design program.

“We are excited to launch our revised apparel design option in the Design and Innovation Management major. The emphasis on athletic and outdoor wear prepares our students to be competitive in the apparel industry that dominates the Pacific Northwest,” says Kathy Mullet, associate professor of apparel design.

For more information, contact Marilyn Read, Program Lead:

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