Do’s and Don’ts of Interning Abroad


Do be prepared to spend 2x as much money as you think, it is expensive and you’ll want to do things and take tours

Do make sure to communicate well with both your boss and your “handler” about what your needs about the position and what you hope to get out of your stay

Do get out! Go do something, it might be pricy but you’ll regret not exploring

Do get an international phone plan, less for messaging but using maps has made me able to get around on my own so easily

Do check in with people, it is nice to stay in touch with family and friends

Do build a routine similar to home, I have started climbing here to try and stay fit


Don’t go somewhere unless you know at least two ways to get home, I always make sure there is a backup way to get home in case my primary isn’t available

Don’t think you have to do everything a certain way, it is much more relaxing to do things as they come. Most weekends I go into town with no plans and figure something out

Don’t get offended if people unload frustrations about America on you

Don’t overdo it, you have time. Make sure that you take time for yourself so you can recenter however you do

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