Day in the life

The day starts with me walking to the 44 bus stop just outside the Dundrum Towne Center. It arrives just around 8:35 and heads towards Enniskerry.

The bus lets off right in the village around 9:05 and then I have a 20 minute walk into the gardens

Most of my walk is in the estate through these gates and along their Beech avenue.

Once I get there I start on whatever task Alex the head gardener gives me or I finish what I was working on from the previous day. The past two weeks have just been weeding in the roses and this past week I have started deadheading.

I work from 9:30 – 3:00 with a 30 minute lunch at 1:00, though Alex is very flexible about my comings and goings if there is something that comes up.

At 2:45 I started to clean up so I can get out of the gardens at 3:00 and make my bus back in Enniskerry at 3:30.

They have started a re-wilding program to bring back pollinators so they do not groom the avenue as much anymore.

That’s pretty much my day at Powerscourt

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