About me!

Given this is my first blog post, I figure I’ll just talk a little bit about myself. I’m originally from Kentucky and before I joined this program, I attended the University of Kentucky for Political Science. I’d always been interested in computers, which probably started from playing Dune 2000 and Battlefield 1942 on my dad’s computer when I was a kid. When I started learning programming and more about computer science, I knew this path would match me so much better.

I’ve enjoyed quite a few things while going through this program, but my favorite course so far has been the Parallel Programming course. I don’t know that doing optimizations like that would be something that I would want to do every day as a job, but working to make the programs run faster and seeing the timing and computation metrics for a program improve was always extremely satisfying.

Outside of education, I recently completed an internship with Amazon. I will most likely be accepting the return offer to start working there full time after I finish this program. This is my last quarter and while I’m so glad I did it, I am extremely ready to be done with schooling for the significant future and to have a new career that I can see myself lasting in. Hopefully then I will finally have more time to dive back into hobbies that I’ve put to the wayside like gaming and reading.

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