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Welcome to Plant Clinic Dashboard for Master Gardener Programs of Linn and Benton Counties.

This page includes resources that volunteers may use at home to sign up for plant clinics and collaborate with fellow Master Gardener volunteers to respond to client inquiries. If it’s your first time here, please get an orientation with your program staff or another volunteer who has used this site.

Resources include tools that can be used by anyone in either County.

County Plant Clinic pages are password protected and include resources specific to volunteers in that county, like question tracking, directions for meeting virtually online with fellow volunteers and sign ups for their county.

Why plant clinic dashboard?

This dashboard was developed during the COVID-19 public health situation so Master Gardener volunteers can respond to the burgeoning need to support gardeners while keeping themselves and the public as healthy as possible. The dashboard is not meant to be a longterm substitute for in-person plant clinics. However, we are hoping it will be a helpful tool at this time, and possibly in the future, to facilitate a more integrated plant clinic across a range of locations.

Your program staff and faculty

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