Phytoplankton Communities from Space

A new paper is out today that reviews the ocean science community’s needs and upcoming opportunities for obtaining phytoplankton community composition in the surface ocean using satellites, and particularly, a soon to be launched satellite with advanced capabilities – the NASA PACE Ocean Color Instrument.

Phytoplankton composition from sPACE: Requirements, opportunities, and challenges

Diel Changes in Phytoplankton Bio-optical Properties

A new paper is out, led by N. Baetge from the Phytoplankton Ecophysiology Col(Lab)oration, that looks at the diel changes in optical properties of three phytoplankton species. The diel changes observed in bio-optical properties differed in both timing and magnitude across phytoplankton species. These results have important implications for remote sensing observations and the impact of phytoplankton community composition on the optical properties of interest.

Storms, phytoplankton, and viruses – Oh My!

Brian VerWey successfully defended his master’s thesis on December 4th, 2023! His research explored the fate of phytoplankton and associated carbon pools after deep mixing events in the North Atlantic Ocean as part of NASA’s EXport Processes in the Ocean from RemoTe Sensing project. Congratulations Brian!