Oregon State University, with PhanArt and the The Phishsonian Institute is proud to present “Below The Moss Forgotten: Phish in the Pacific Northwest.” This new museum exhibit traces the group’s growth in the region from colleges and small clubs beginning in 1991 to the biennial gatherings at the Gorge that draw people from around the world as recently as 2018. Using a mixture of promotional materials collected by the Phishsonian and fan-created artwork from the PhanArt Archive, feel the journey of Rolling Stone magazine’s “Most Important Band of the 90s” from the I-5 corridor to the Inland Northwest. One weekend only at the Memorial Union on the Oregon State Campus, coinciding with the first-ever Phish Studies academic conference. In conjunction with the Benton County Museum and Philosophy School of Phish. Made possible with the support of the OSU School of History, Philosophy, & Religion.

Curator: Alexander Grosby, The Phishsonian Institute
Exhibitor: Pete Mason, PhanArt

Thank you to Stephen Olker Photography for permission to use his image of the Gorge Amphitheater for our Below the Moss Forgotten invitation.

Thanks to Block 15, we will be serving their Fluffhead and Mango Song IPAs during the opening reception.