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Can I take my Anatomy and Physiology at a community college?

Posted August 13th, 2012 by ruderj

No. Oregon State’s anatomy, physiology, and microbiology prerequisites must be met with coursework taken at the upper-division level. “Upper-division level” means advanced courses designed for college juniors and seniors. Such courses often have substantial prerequisites and 300- or 400-level course numbers (or 100-level course numbers if you’re in California). Community colleges do not offer such courses, which means these prerequisites cannot be completed at a community college.

You can complete all of the other prerequisites at a community college, as long as the college offers appropriate coursework. Email for more information on course equivalencies or if you’re not sure how to meet a particular prerequisite.

The College feels that requiring these advanced prerequisites will enable us to go further in educating you about the pharmaceutical sciences once you’re in the Pharm.D. program!

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