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Supplemental Application Essays

Posted August 10th, 2012 by ruderj

There are two supplemental application essay prompts this year:

  1. Identify your main academic and professional goals. Explain how attending the OSU College of Pharmacy will help you achieve these goals, discussing specific characteristics of the College and its programs. Your response must be 750 words or less.
  2. This question concerns the letters of recommendation submitted as part of your PharmCAS application. Why did you choose the recommenders that you chose? Why did you think their letters would provide useful information about you? Your response must be 200 words or less.

What should you write about? Well, make sure to answer the questions. The first essay should focus on your goals, which means you may need to spend some time thinking about what exactly your academic and professional goals are (beyond just “becoming a pharmacist”). Explain why Oregon State is the best place for you to work toward these goals – we want to be convinced that attending the OSU College of Pharmacy is the logical next step for you. This means you may need to spend a little time researching the college and its programs.

As for the second essay – we’re genuinely curious. We want you to explain why you chose the people that you did to write your letters of recommendation. Furthermore, we hope that asking this question will cause people to put a lot of thought into exactly who they ask to write their letters.


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