Blog Post #2

Our group has just submitted our project plan! I suspect this will change significantly during the first few weeks, but I’m excited to dive into a larger-scale project.

This week, I thought it might be fun to talk about a random concept from my line of work (combat in video games). I borrowed this wonderful image from the internet, which I’ll use to help illustrate a common combat technique referred to as “Hit Pause” or “Hit Stop“.

Hit Pause is a technique used by developers to emphasize the impact of a an attack by freezing or pausing the game at the exact moment that an attack lands.

The duration of this “pause” is typically quite small, usually just a handful of frames, but you can play with both duration and the slowdown amount (don’t always have to stop the game completely) in order to help make an attack feel more or less impactful.

Until next time!

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