Personality, Stress, and Self-Assessment

Coping and stress management skills test score: 66, using problem-focused strategies are effective in stressful situations that I can control, yet ineffective when faced with a problem beyond my control. This is the problem I face when I come into situations beyond my control, although I try to avoid these types of situations, they are bound to happen throughout life. Most of my stressors come from controllable situations, and I believe my problem-focused behavior towards those stressors contribute to my ‘better handle’ on life’s curve balls.

Type A personality test score: 47, My moderate type A personality score can be a hindrance in relationships and hostility. I believe I am a type A personality more than a type B personality, in that I like to have control over situations that happen throughout life, I strive to push myself harder (sometimes harder than I should), and my patience can be minimal at times. I keep this personality at a moderate level most times, but in certain situations it can shine through brighter and hinder my ability to see anything but the color RED. Most interactions with others is with warmth and tolerance, but when I am angry or stressed I can stew in my own frustration and it can be shown through my actions (or lack of).

The most surprising thing I found out about stressors is that the things that I think are deemed ‘good’ in my life, can also have an affect on mood and stress. For instance, I found that increased responsibility (such as a promotion at work) can be a form of stress, financial changes (even good changes) can change my stress level, and achievements (like my graduating college) can contribute to some type of stress.

It came as a surprise to me that the things that have happened in my life in the past year including graduation, financial stability, and increased importance within my job role can create a stress I didn’t know existed. I believed these things made my life easier, because they did, but I looked at it as a change in my life that I didn’t expect at one point or another. Change in life can be hard, even if it is good change. It is adjusting to new behavior, new roles, and responsibilities that come with the changes. I believed my stress was at a new low with the stability I gained in the past year, but my stress score of 197 puts me at a 50% chance of a break-down in life.

Although these stressors seem to be good, they are still change, and my having to adapt to change can lead me to feel otherwise. I feel accomplished, I feel valued, and I feel important, and hopefully my change is for the good.

The organization I work for gives their employees paid annual leave, sick leave, and a week of funeral leave, as well as one culture day and one safety day per year. The days off vary from 1-2 days per month for both annual and sick leave. In addition to the personal days we can take for ourselves, we have a relaxation room to spend our breaks in that includes a noise machine and a massage chair, we are also allowed 30 minutes of wellness 3 days per week where we are encouraged to take a walk, go to the gym, or use the time for our physical health. We have a ‘tea corner’ that includes 20+ ingredients to make different types of teas for whatever type of day we are having. I think it contributes to our mental and physical health, and gives off the impression that the company wants us to take care of ourselves in every way.

Other companies also do paid leave, wellness time or gym memberships, and flexible work schedules to accommodate a work-life balance that is beneficial to mental health.


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