/etc/fstab for ENGR servers

I had some trouble getting set up with the ENGR servers from my Arch Linux laptop.

What I was trying: smbclient //stak.engr.oregonstate.edu/users/ONID -U ONID@oregonstate.edu, and various permutations.

Eventually, I found that smbclient '//depot.engr.oregonstate.edu/users' -U=ONID@oregonstate.edu was successful. Note that appending /ONID to the path didn’t work, and this solution requires cding into your ONID directory.

So that worked, but I wanted to be able to run mount /mnt/engr, so I created an fstab entry.

//stak.engr.oregonstate.edu/users/ONID /mnt/engr cifs _netdev,nofail,uid=paul,gid=paul,credentials=/etc/samba/credentials/engr 0 0

This requires a file called /etc/samba/credentials/engr, which should have strict permissions and look something like


Now, sudo mount /mnt/engr will get you access to your remote directory!