About Me

My name is Patrik Nabelek, and this is my personal webpage. My research is on mathematical physics generally, and on nonlinear differential equations describing wave motion with a focus on the formation and replication of hydrodynamic soliton gasses in shallow water. I am also interested in nonlinear electromagnetic waves and soliton gas formation within fiber optic cables. I am interested in completely integrable Hamiltonian systems, translation surfaces, and donuts. I am also interested in probability and statistical models in classical linear and nonlinear wave mechanics. If you would like to contact me, please send me an email at

In my research, I use methods from functional analysis, complex analysis, spectral theory, and geometry. I am also interested in the use finite difference methods and psuedo-spectral methods to solve problems relevant in ocean engineering and nonlinear optics. One of my focuses is on completely integrable systems that describe phenomena in classical, quantum, and wave mechanics.

I am also interested in real and complex manifolds and surfaces from the points of view of both algebraic and Riemannian geometry. I focus on Riemann surfaces, and their complex structures, translation structures, flat cone metrics metrics, and their harmonic maps into semi-simple Lie groups. But I am also interested in holomorphic and meromorphic functions on two dimensional complex manifolds. I study these topics in connection with the theory of completely integrable Hamiltonian systems in finite and infinite dimensions, and on the study of soliton gasses.

I am particularly interested in: the Korteweg–de Vries equation, the one dimensional Boussinesq equation, and Kaup–Broer system for shallow water; the cubic nonlinear Schrodinger equation for deep water waves; the Burgers equation for gas dynamics. I am also interested in the Hamiltonian formulation of the deep and shallow water wave wave systems, and the complete integrability conjecture for one dimensional deep water wave system.

I currently work as a postdoc at Oregon State University teaching classes on these subjects senior level mathematics undergraduate students and masters level engineering graduate students. I received a PhD in Applied Mathematics from UA in 2018 working under Vladimir Zakharov and Ken McLaughlin, and a BS in Mathematics from Oregon State University.

Webpages I Like: ONR: Atlas of Internal Waves, SIAM, AMS, NOAA (Ocean and Coasts).


Presentation Slides

I believe research in mathematics is best explained through pictures. Here you can find a PDF slide show for a presentation intended for a fairly wide audience, and also a document with pictures and some slides related to my research.


Publications and Manuscripts


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1) Dissertation: Applications of Complex Variables to Spectral Theory and Completely Integrable Partial Differential Equations.

Unpublished Manuscripts:

Nabelek, P., Pickrell, D. “Harmonic Maps and the Symplectic Category.” (2014) (arXiv:1404.2899)

Nabelek, P. “Distributions Supported on Fractal Sets and Solutions to the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili Equation.” (2020) (arXiv:2009.05864)