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Why Wave Energy?

Approximately one-third of the US annual electricity usage could potentially be generated from waves and tidal currents, and 80% of that is estimated to be along the outer continental shelf. Ocean waves are relatively constant and are increasingly predictable. The US Department of Energy actively supports research, testing and development of innovative technologies capable of generating renewable, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective electricity from US water resources, including waves.


Why Now

• Oregon State University partnered with US Department of Energy, the State of Oregon and other stakeholders to build a wave energy test facility off the Oregon Coast
• Expected to be operational in late 2021 / early 2022
• Located 7 miles off Newport, the site is highly accessible and ideally located for testing survivability and energy production
• Supported by a diverse local and regional maritime supply chain

What is Pacwave?

Pacwave is a globally recognized, open-ocean wave energy test facility based at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. It consists of two test sites, Pacwave North and South, located in close proximity to the deep-water commercial port of Newport, Oregon. Pacwave is affiliated with the Pacific Marine Energy Center – a consortium of universities focused on the responsible advancement of marine energy, including wave, tidal, riverine, and offshore wind resources.

Corporations: The PacWave test site project provides a unique opportunity for corporations to be involved in testing carbon-free means to create energy from the motion of ocean waves. Corporations can become partners in several ways including cash program support (one-time or multi-year pledges); gifts-in-kind of needed equipment, supplies or services; or cost-sharing within PacWave project goods and services procurement.
Foundations: Oregon State University and the PacWave project leadership welcomes partnerships with foundations seeking to be involved in helping create a zero-carbon energy source and one that may also have important applications in providing energy to remote populations and in humanitarian natural-disaster recovery efforts
Individuals and Families: We invite individuals and familes to join the PacWave team! Those who wish to see carbon-free electricity sources tested are invited to support the program with donations to the project’s unrestricted fund. General-support gifts from individuals and families are among the most impactful support because they allow project leaders to apply the funds to the area of greatest need or most promising or urgent opportunity.
Be early-in on testing a zero-carbon renewable energy source
Participate in creation of new state-of-the-art technologies
Public funding greatly increases the return on your investment
Engage with and benefit from Oregon State University’s excellent

How to Support

  • Make a Gift
  • Cash Program Support
  • Multi-year pledge
  • Gift-in-Kind of needed goods, services or property
  • Charitable contribution within purchase of OSU
  • Traditional University-Style Naming Opportunities
  • Possible future academic scholarships

Make a Gift

More Information

To make a gift or to learn more, please contact Doug Brusa, Director of Development, PacWave 541-207-8686

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