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OSU Course Prepares Pharmacists for Prescribing Contraceptives

Pharmacists rely on OSU course to prepare for prescribing contraceptives

The Oregon legislature’s passage of HB 2879 in June 2015, enables Oregon pharmacists to prescribe birth control starting in 2016. Prescribing is a new responsibility for pharmacists that requires a new skill set.

Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) worked closely with Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy to develop and deliver an online, self-paced course in record time. “Comprehensive Contraceptive Education and Training for the Prescribing Pharmacist” provides the foundational knowledge and professional guidance necessary for pharmacists to take on the role of a prescriber in the therapeutic area of contraception and women’s reproductive health.

The accelerated four-week development timeline helped ensure as many Oregon pharmacists as possible were prepared for the change by January 1, 2016. Costco, Rite Aid and Safeway-Albertsons are among the corporations relying on the PACE course for timely training of their pharmacists.

The innovative online training and the partnership and collaboration between OSU, the Oregon legislature and pharmacy organizations set an effective example for other states, including California, which plans to follow this model.

PACE provides non-credit and certification courses for industry and individuals related to continuing education using e-learning and online instructional technology. For a full catalog of courses visit pace.oregonstate.edu/catalog.

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