On 12/01/2017 the OpenStack console servers Nova-NoVNCProxy was made live on the network for our tenant use. The ability to use the console services allows for VMs on internal private subnets to be used as it removes the need for a pure SSH connection to the VM.

Testing of VMs on subnets not connected to the public interface revealed an issue in the way the current OpenStack installation handles networking with VMs. It is currently not possible to set a fixed IP address for a VM on any given subnetwork. This makes it difficult to set up and experiment with routing and networking within the cluster.

We will be working on finding a solution to this problem so that virtual networking will function as would be expected. Unfortunately we have no timeline for such a fix as the fix is not yet known to us. I am currently exploring the possibility of switching to OpenVSwitch as the network driver instead of LinuxBridge but so far I do not have any results.

I sure didnt! So how about a blog for the IT Club! The forum is nice and all, but this will be a cool way for the officer team to give some longer updates about what’s going on in the club. Plus it looks much more official since we’re actually under the oregonstate.edu domain! I was considering setting up a blog at the same site the forum is but never got around to it. This is much nicer though so lets call this home for our blogging purposes!