Technologies I am using for this Project

Topic: Technologies I am using: and Figma

The most needed tool was a program that could freely design diagrams. I have many ideas, but the web applications I know, such as Trello, photoshop, or slack, do not support the features I want.

Things I want to have from the flow chart design website:
* Supports various shapes
* Various colors
* Various font changes and size changes
* There are convenient exporting functions.
* Easy integration with Google service

The website is the best website that contains all the features I want. My favorite feature is that it can be linked with google drive, so it can be easily shared with team members, and the team members don’t have to sign up for another website. When you first enter the website, you can select templates provided by the platform as default.

And similarly to other flow chart design websites, you can drag the desired shape block to the main page and change the color and text freely. The picture below is a web front-end diagram I made using the service.

The biggest advantage of this program is that it can be linked with google drive as I mentioned. There are good programs like lucid chart, but sign-up is required to use the service, and other people do not have easy access to it. So, which can be saved in google drive and can be easily shared with team members, is the best website for me.

Second, the website I would like to recommend is a service called Figma. figma is the most convenient program to help you design the interface easily. It has a UI and work environment similar to Photoshop, so you can start quickly. The biggest advantage of this website is that you can easily create a mock website without coding.

It is really the best program because it is possible to collaborate easily. The advantage of being able to use all systems for free is also good for team projects. There is a really good advantage that high-quality work can be implemented in a short time with simple photoshop work.

The quality of all web service platforms continues to increase and become free. For example, I was really surprised when I used a program called zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic. The advantage of being able to start such a convenient program for free is good news for users, but I thought that it might put pressure on new web services to be developed in the future as well. So, I hope that the AIID AI program to be developed this time will also be used by many people with good UI and services like other platforms.

CS_461 Introduction about ME #1

I think this capstone task is an essential task for college students who need to learn about the way of good communication. Because collaborating with someone is very complicated and inexperienced. I think the reason I don’t have much experience in collaborating with someone is because most college assignments require working alone instead of collaborating with someone. Due to the major nature of Computer Science, I have solved most of the tasks up to this point by myself. I planned everything by myself, made modifications, and republished the program.

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I think the main difference between a class assignment and this capstone is that we have to handle other opinions so the team can move forward. We should try to not harm other teammates and work efficiently. The group project itself may seem a lot harder to do than work alone, but I think the value of experience from this will be much higher. The reason why a capstone is necessary is because working as a team is very common at the company. And I believe this will prepare us to help step outside of school.

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Before starting this project, I think it will be very helpful to determine a place where team members can communicate. Personally, I would like to use Discord as the main communication site and Trello for project schedules. This is because, by default, both applications are free. In addition, it is expected that no one will dislike the use of the above two applications in an easy-to-use way.