Photo courtesy of Shauna Conners
Photo courtesy of Shauna Conners

Richmond Barbour is a professor of English at OSU who will be the visiting faculty member on the AHA Athens study abroad program.

Be sure to come to the information session on October 29 at 4:00 p.m. in Snell 444 to learn more.

Visit Professor Barbour’s blog to learn more:


The Spring 2010 term abroad in Athens will be March 23 – June 19, 2010.


Modern Greek Language (45 contact hours – mandatory)
Beginner or Intermediate
Transition into life in Athens and gain better access to Greek culture through practical language and conversation skill development offered at Beginner and Intermediate levels. Advanced-level Greek can be arranged through the Athens Centre’s comprehensive Greek language program for students with previous Greek language study, contact AHA for additional information.

Monuments of Greece (45 contact hours – mandatory)
Take full advantage of the rich archaeological heritage of Greece through guided study excursions and on-site lectures. Explore the history and culture of Greece from the Minoan civilizations of Crete and Santorini to the Hellenistic period and the conquests of Alexander the Great.

Intercultural Communications and the Greek Cultural Mosaic
(15 contact hours – mandatory)
Examine both the academic and experiential nature of crosscultural communications. Analyze and process your personal intercultural experience in Greece.

Modern Greek History and The Balkans (45 contact hours)
Examine modern Greece from the beginning of the War of Independence through the creation of the new state and the present day. Analyze the position of Greece in the Balkan peninsula in relation to neighboring states through the ties of religion and a common Ottoman history.

Creating Impressions of Greece (45 contact hours)
Develop a strong and disciplined sense of observation by keeping a sketchbook/journal as a record of observations and impressions of Greece throughout the semester. Become familiar with contemporary Greek art through visits to galleries and museums.

Greek Journeys, Mythic and Modern (45 contact hours)
Experience Greece as a destination of real and imagined voyaging. Explore narratives, images, and films about journeys from ancient myths to contemporary cinema. Write your own travel journal and document your personal visions of Greece.

Theater and the Arts of Healing in Ancient Greece
(45 contact hours)
Discover the cults of the physician-god Asclepius, his father Apollo, the god of poetry whose invisible arrows could deliver plague or cure, and Artemis, the goddess of fertility and childbirth. Visit several ancient theaters and healing centers and participate in an on-site production of a play.

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2 thoughts on “Study in Athens, Spring 2010 with Professor Richmond Barbour

  1. I desperately want to do this!! The curriculum matches exactly what I was hoping to get into so I can eventually work for the State Department abroad. I actually have already requested a student paid internship in either Greece or Italy. I really am interested in the Greek. How do I get in contact with Professor Richmond Barbour? I am presently one class shy of transfer so I have to wait until Fall of 2009…tell me more!!

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