Marie de Rocca-Serra works and lives in Grenoble, France. As a Resident Director with Academic Programs International (API), Marie loves to share this beautiful city, located at the foot of the French Alps, with students.

What brought you to be a Resident Director?
I did an internship with API in Grenoble and loved it! I had found the job I wanted to do!

What are some unique aspects of your city and country?
France: Our history, art, cuisine, and French art of living!
Grenoble:  Its gorgeous scenery, making it THE outdoor destination in France, its great location (3 hours from Paris and 3 hours from the Mediterranean), and its comfortable city size.

What is one thing most of your students may not know about you?
That I have 2 grandchildren (3 in August!)

What are some of your favorite aspects of being a Resident Director?
Being in touch with these young adults, seeing how they grow from their arrival to their departure, and making them love France even more!

What are some of the challenges of your job?
Always being dynamic and enthusiastic even if it’s my 50th time at the Eiffel Tower!

What have you seen as the biggest challenge for incoming students?
Trying to be immersed in French culture when they’re so connected to home via social networks!

What is your advice for students planning to attend your program, or to study abroad in your country?
Be ready to go out of your comfort zone, and be curious and motivated to learn another language.

What is one thing you think students shouldn’t forget to pack for life in your country?
Hiking shoes and warm jackets.

What do you think is the most important take-away for education abroad students?
Developing their curiosity and  interest in others and the world.


 To learn more about attending Marie’s program, follow this link!


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