photo by Jocelyn Hepner, on holiday in Paris
photo by Jocelyn Hepner

Students often ask us, “Where should I go?  What would you choose?”  While we can’t choose the program for you, we’re here to help find one that best suits your needs and meets your goals.  Here are some questions to consider when making the decision about which program to apply for.

Do I want to learn or be exposed to another language? Is my language level high enough to take college-level courses in the language or do I need to take electives in English?

Do I want to be on a program where I live with host country nationals, either in a dorm or homestay family?

Do I want access to classes and student life at a university or would I prefer to be with American students?

Big city? Medium-sized city? Middle of nowhere?

What are my budget constraints? Can I realistically rely on financial aid? What will the total costs of the program be?

Do I want a program that will allow me to earn credit toward my major or minor? Do I want to focus on bacc core requirements? Am I interested in earning language credit?

What kind of support do I want to have on site? Do I want to tap into campus and other local resources? Is it important to have a resident director specifically for my program or am I independent enough to work directly with the international students office on campus?

Read through the program materials, seek out impressions of former students, and check out a guidebook.  Try to imagine your life in that environment, and if you like what you see, you’re on the right track.

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