Recent OSU graduate Lauren Thomas took advantage of the opportunity to fulfill the internship requirement for her Public Health degree through IE3 Global Internships during Winter 2014. Interning with the Center for Social Medicine in India, Lauren gained both valuable professional and personal experience, and wrote this reflective entry while still overseas.

The hospitality in India is something that I really admire about the culture and I already know that one of the things I will miss most Lauren Thomas l Center for Social Medicine l IE3 Global Internshipswhen I return home is how welcoming everyone here is – it is unlike anything I have ever experienced. From day one we were invited into all aspects of people’s lives – their school, their hospitals, and their homes. Everyone has been so accepting, understanding, and excited to teach us all that they can about the culture and the language. They are also very proud, always making sure to mention how much they love the Indian culture.

This blog was originally published on the IE3 Field Notes Blog. For a link to the original entry, click here.

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