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VIDEO: Celebrating our History, Making New History

In the final event of the the Woman Citizen Symposium, former Oregon governor Barbara Roberts looked towards the future and reminded us how important it is that we all, but especially young women, believe that there is more than one possible path and that we must develop the confidence to be willing to stand up and speak out.

The “Woman Citizen: Past, Present, and Future” Symposium brought scholars, elected officials, activists, and community organizers to OSU to explore women’s roles as citizens and women’s political impact in the local, state, and national arenas. As OSU’s commemoration of the centennial of woman suffrage in Oregon, the Symposium promoted education and discussion among students, staff, faculty, and community members and to encouraged civic and political engagement.

The Woman Citizen Symposium was made possible by the generous support of: the OSU Women’s Giving Circle; the Horning Endowment in the Humanities; the Hundere Endowment in Religion and Culture; the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion; the School of Language, Culture, and Society; the School of Public Policy; the College of Liberal Arts; the Vice Provost for Student Affairs; OSU Libraries; OSU Center for the Humanities; the OSU President’s Commission on the Status of Women; and the League of Women Voters of Corvallis.

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