What goes up…

Seems that we are looking at a seizure pattern. Nora had another tonic-clonic in her sleep around 5 am again this morning. Grandma Sheryl was sleeping with her. Poor thing.

This one was also about 1 minute, but seemed a little stronger. Nora slept much longer into the morning and was a little more wobbly than usual in her mood, speech and movement. Just like she was very very worn out.

After she had breakfast she started to perk up and was out on the trampoline by 9:20 in her poofiest fairy dress. I had already decided to work from home today, so I’m hanging out in the bedroom trying to do some class reading and listening to them play in the living room. She seems to be back to herself.

We are looking at some reasons for another seizure, as usual, but all we have is a series of weak links, no major failures. Maybe she has a bodily rhythm that tries to reject the diet and its benefits, and it breaks through when she is in her vulnerable transitions between sleep stages. She was pining for my toast this morning again, but she hasn’t tried to take me down and devour it herself. She has some uncommon self restraint.

More chats with the dietician and doctor ahead. We will see if there are any pearls of wisdom, but I expect more shoulder shrugs. We keep moving on. She is still far and away beating all of the benchmarks for diet success. One seizure every 2-3 weeks surpasses the 50% reduction of seizures that is considered success.

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