Nora Update: April 1, 2012

Seizures per day before the diet:  17.3
Seizures per day now:  0.8
Reduction:  95%
Half-life:  14.2 days

Nora is continuing to do well.  We’ve had total seizure control for about 20 days since the last bump.

Her mood, energy, and intelligence have all been good.  Amazingly, she seems to have been able to avoid the cold that has passed through the rest of the family.

We have good signs of general development.  She hasn’t napped for several days now, and been sleeping solidly for 11+ hours each night.  Her pull-up has been dry in the mornings.  (I have a conjecture that peeing in her sleep makes her more restless.)  She has in general been bright and shiny.

The constipation issue is also well controlled.  We track her daily fiber intake and also make sure she is taking 2 teaspoons of CALM each day.

We are hopeful that with a week or two if we can continue such good seizure control, we can try to decrease her Depakote.

Daily myoclonic seizure count with an exponential fit.

Daily myoclonic seizure count with diet metrics.

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One thought on “Nora Update: April 1, 2012

  1. I come to check Nora’s progress every 2-3 days, please keep continuing update.
    Happy for you seizure free 20 days.

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