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As you can see, I’ve been blogging my brains out today getting this site all set up. For those of you that have been following Nora’s story, you’ve seen most of this already (all of the updates are from my past emails).

The new information is the “What does Nora Eat?” page. That’s the most frequent question that I hear, so you can look there to get answers. Mostly, the answer is “what the rest of us eat,” only in different proportions. Double Devon cream (6.6 grams of fat per tablespoon) is indispensable, along with heavy whipping cream (6 grams of fat per tablespoon). If we can load her up on fat-dense foods like that, the rest of her diet looks a lot more palatable.

And Nora is happy and healthy. She gave me a scare a few days ago, but nothing has come of it. I sent her into the kitchen to wash her hands, and she came back and announced, “I had a taste of jam and didn’t have a seizure!” My heart skipped a beat. Anders can now make his own toast, so I imagined that he had left the jam jar out, or maybe she had licked the butter knife. I followed her back to the kitchen, asking, “where did you get the jam?” Her reply: “off the floor.” Mmm, anything for jam I suppose. It could not have been much, but I made a note of it. No new seizure activity to report, thankfully.

But she really doesn’t put up a fuss about many foods. Nora gets 90% of the credit for the success of this diet, because she could make it impossible. Instead, she makes it entirely possible and it has been an amazing dose of good medicine for her.

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