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__**graduate students for whom Juranek has served as primary advisor

Submitted Manuscripts             

Juranek*, L.W., A.E. White*, M. Dugenne, F. Henderikx-Freitas, S. Dutkiewicz, F. Ribalet., E.V. Armbrust, S. Ferron, D.M. Karl, The importance of the ‘middle class’ to ocean net community productivity, revision to be submitted to Global Biogeochemical Cycles May 2020 

Li, J. R.S. Pickart, P. Lin, F. Bahr, K.R. Arrigo, L. Juranek, and X. Yang, The Atlantic Water Boundary Current in the Chukchi Borderland and southern Canada Basin, submitted to J. Geophys. Res.-Oceans Feb 2020

*authors contributed equally

Other Publications

Bingham, F., L. Juranek, M. Mazloff, G. McKinley, N. Nelson, S. Wijffels (2019), Review of US GO-SHIP (Global Ocean Shipboard Hydrographic Investigations Program) An OCB and US CLIVAR Report. Report 2019 (OCB) and 2019-6 (US CLIVAR).112pp. doi:10.1575/1912/24897 

Wanninkhof, R., K. Johnson, N. Williams**, J. Sarmiento, S. Riser, E. Briggs, S. Bushinsky, B. Carter, A. Dickson, R. Feely, A. Gray, L. Juranek, R. Key, L. Talley, J. Russell, and A. Verdy. (2016) An evaluation of pH and NO3 sensor data from SOCCOM floats and their utilization to develop ocean inorganic carbon products. SOCCOM Carbon System Working Group white paper, (to be assigned CDIAC and NOAA doi).

Alin, S.R., S. Siedlecki, B. Hales, J. Mathis, W. Evans, M. Stukel, G. Gaxiola-Castro, J.M. Hernandez-Ayon, L. Juranek, M. Goñi, G. Turi, J. Needoba, E. Mayorga, Z. Lachkar, N. Gruber, J. Hartmann, N. Moosdorf, R. Feely, and F. Chavez (2012): Coastal carbon synthesis for the continental shelf of the North American Pacific Coast (NAPC): Preliminary results. Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry News, 5(1),

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