How can compensation become a motivation factor?

In the beginning of the summer I was lucky to get a job as a hostess at one of the most appreciated BBQ places in San Diego. This BBQ place is very well known as we were on Guy Fieri’s show Dinners, Drives and Dives. During the interview process my manager who was interviewing me gave me all the information I could need before the job but most importantly he told me about the tips. He told me that I would not be receiving tips directly as my position did not include working with customers that closely. He told me that each shift the waiters and waitresses put in a portion of their tips ‘into the boot.’ I was a little confused at first and thought there was an actual boot. My manager laughed and told me that this is a way that lets all members in the restaurant receive tips, so the more shifts you got, the more boot money you would get. In my first week of working their I received over $100 in boot money when I was only working 4 shifts. This motivated me to add another shift to my weeks as I was motivated by the boot money. When thinking about this in a managers position this is so smart. People are easily motivated by money if they really need it. In this case I did because I wanted to get as much money as I could before going back to college. Compensation is the main reason for a lot of employers as they work in minimum wage jobs like this, if we motivate our employees with compensation they will be more than happy to continue working there.

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