The last few weeks…

I have to start off by saying that these last few weeks have really gone by fast. The professor stated early on that this would be the case and I guess I should have taken it a bit more seriously. Being halfway through the term already is pretty hard to believe. However, our group has been working well together and has made some good progress on the project. We still have quite a bit of work ahead of us though, including some of more complex functionality that still needs to be worked out. There is also a bit of consolidation and clean up that needs to happen within the directory, it’s a bit of a mess at the moment. That being said, I have no doubts that we as a group will get it done in the end.

Over the last few weeks I have really learned a lot and gotten re-acquainted with a number things. I’ve spent some serious hours either learning something new or brushing back up on topics that have faded away somewhat over lack of use. A couple of examples immediately come to mind. First, just working with databases, sending and getting data through a webapp is something that I haven’t done in awhile and I had to brush back up on. Not overly difficult, but another thing to spent time on. I also had to get familiar with image upload and keeping track of said images in database to be able to display those on demand. Again, something that shouldn’t take a lot of time, but something I had to get familiar with again. It feels like that has been the case with large pieces of my part of the project.

Overall I am really happy with how these last few weeks have progressed and the fact that our group is making good progress. I know there is a lot of work ahead of us and the time is starting to run out. It’s been a really good learning experience so far and I have no doubt that moving forward it will be the same thing.

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