My first ever blog post

I started my career in IT a little over 10 years ago. I didn’t have any sort of engineering degree or background, I first graduated with a Business Management degree. I started as a business analyst helping to build software applications. After a number of years of not seeing certain doors open in my career, I decided to pursue a computer science degree. I finally understood that without any technical knowledge, advancing up the ladder was going to be virtually impossible. Since beginning this journey, that is almost completed, I have started to see those doors finally open.

My goal for my career is to become a CTO. I’ve had this goal for a number of years now and have started my journey to hopefully one day achieve this dream of mine. I choose to pursue this degree in the hopes of one day realizing that goal of mine. Obtaining this degree can provide me a lot of different options for my future career, so having the flexibility is very nice. I’ve been passionate about technology and leadership for some time, so getting to be the technology leader while also helping drive system improvements that benefit people positively is one of the main reasons why I’ve set that position as my career goal.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read a little bit about my background and where I want to ultimately end up in my career.

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