Recent Publications

Last updated 11/15/2019

Loewen, M. W., Graham, D. W., Bindeman, I. N., Lupton, J. E., & Garcia, M. O. (2019). Hydrogen isotopes in high 3He/4He submarine basalts: Primordial vs. recycled water and the veil of mantle enrichment. Earth and Planetary Science Letters508, 62-73.

Graham, D. W., Michael, P. J., & Rubin, K. H. (2018). An investigation of mid-ocean ridge degassing using He, CO2, and δ13C variations during the 2005–06 eruption at 9° 50′ N on the East Pacific Rise. Earth and Planetary Science Letters504, 84-93.

Konrad, K., Graham, D. W., Kent, A. J., & Koppers, A. A. (2018). Spatial and temporal variability in Marquesas Islands volcanism revealed by 3He/4He and the composition of olivine-hosted melt inclusions. Chemical Geology477, 161-176.

Graham, D. W., Michael, P. J., & Shea, T. (2016). Extreme incompatibility of helium during mantle melting: Evidence from undegassed mid-ocean ridge basalts. Earth and Planetary Science Letters454, 192-202.

Konrad, K., Graham, D. W., Thornber, C. R., Duncan, R. A., Kent, A. J., & Al-Amri, A. M. (2016). Asthenosphere–lithosphere interactions in Western Saudi Arabia: Inferences from 3He/4He in xenoliths and lava flows from Harrat Hutaymah. Lithos248, 339-352.

Michael, P. J., & Graham, D. W. (2015). The behavior and concentration of CO2 in the suboceanic mantle: Inferences from undegassed ocean ridge and ocean island basalts. Lithos236, 338-351.

Graham, D. W., Hanan, B. B., Lupton, J. E., Hoernle, K., Werner, R., Christie, D. M., & Sinton, J. M. (2014). Helium isotope variations and mantle plume-spreading ridge interactions along the Galápagos Spreading Center. The Galapagos: A Natural Laboratory for the Earth Sciences, Geophys. Monogr. Ser, 393-414.

Graham, D. W., Hanan, B. B., Hémond, C., Blichert‐Toft, J., & Albarède, F. (2014). Helium isotopic textures in Earth’s upper mantle. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems15(5), 2048-2074.