HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Certification Complete: HubSpot Content Marketing
Time to Complete:
5.5 hours

Highlights: This very easy to complete free course is made up of videos, quizzes, a study guide, and a final exam. The videos are expertly made and the concepts are easy to follow. The only improvement that I would have found helpful, is a note-taking guide, where it guided you through the sections of the course and helped one identify the important takeaways from the videos. I felt as if I often was not sure if I was truly taking notes on the things that I would be tested on later.

Disappointments or Frustrations: Other than the lack of a note-taking guide, this course was relatively frustration-free. However, I could see that this course could carry some frustration for those who do not learn well by watching videos. The course does not offer a readable text option for learning, and therefore those who would like to read the content are left without support in that area.

What you learn: The Content Marketing Certification Course focuses on the skillful creation of a story for the purposes of marketing. It describes the traits that are needed in the building of a story, Characters, Conflict, and Resolution, and guides the learner on in the development of the content. During the development stages, the course focuses on writing style, outreach focus, emotional alignment of the content. Finally, the course concludes with solid recommendations on how best to physically apply the content to the digital marketing world.

Overall Opinion: Overall, this course is a very good reminder of maximizing the content that is produced through the story it tells to the customer. From the highly experienced to the absolute novice, this course acts as a great educational tool for those who are looking to increase or refresh their knowledge on how to build and use a story for advertising purposes.

Rating & Recommendations: I give this course a 4 out of 5, simply because I do believe it is lacking in the area of printable content tied to the subject matter. I have already recommended this content to friends.

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